Golf Course - we should beware what we are signing

With reference to the Seaford Head Golf Club decision I have an e-mail trail of correspondence with the Clerk to the Town Council and some councillors and what concerns me most about this project is that very few councillors seem to understand what type of contract they have or are about to enter into with the contractor and the risk and benefits involved.

Therefore to make a decision without this information would in my view show a lack of a duty of care to the tax payers of Seaford.

This matter should in my view be dealt with in the written officer’s report to council before the decision is made and be contained in the part of the report which is in the public domain. The report should included the risk and benefits of the type of contract. If the clerk does not have the in house expertise to prepare such a written transparent report then it should be prepared by an independent qualified person which could ideally be from an appropriate department of a higher authority. The decision making process can also be improved by making company checks, and other reports.

John A Bailey