Good Chiddingly neighbours saved my life

On December 23, 2014, I was delivering a Christmas card to my friend and neighbour when I was taken ill.

Susan Crouch, and her daughter Bethany, called the emergency services – they saved my life.

The ambulance and paramedics arrived within minutes, and I was transported quickly, quietly, and without any sense of panic, to the Cardiac Unit at the Eastbourne DGH.

Attached to drips, monitors, wires, x-ray machines, and with things drawing graphs, other things beeping, fluids going in, bloods going out, I witnessed the NHS at its very best, and following surgery to repair the damage, I was allowed home to spend Christmas with my family.

To the emergency services, the Eastbourne DGH Cardiac Unit, the surgeon, the nursing team, and of course my lovely neighbours, a very big thank you.

Perhaps, at the young age of 81, I should consider whether climbing on roofs, felling trees, and driving tractors remain suitable activities.

Maybe I should listen to my wife and children … maybe!

From a very thankful Ray Nice.

Ray Nice