Government must be held to account

I wanted to thank the voters of Lewes that voted for Labour last week.

Voters in Lewes came to Labour in similar numbers as in 1997 when were able to get a landslide Labour government, unfortunately voters in the rest of the county didn’t.

There is a myth circulating that Labour and Green voters let in the Conservatives by not voting tactically for the Lib Dems in this election.

Even if every increase in Labour votes (around 2,500) and every increase in Green votes (around 1,500) was a tactical Liberal voter returning to vote for what they believed in, it does not add up to the 8,000 votes the Libdems lost between the 2010 and 2015.

It was traditional Liberal voters who sacked Norman because of his betrayal of supporting the Tories.

We have seen in recent days small acts of defiance against the Tories: from Matt Woodruff’s garden centre sign which went viral to legal cases being prepared against sell off of social housing.

The government has reduced its majority from 73, when Norman propped them up, to now just over 10.

Anyone who remembers the Major government will know that this will mean that we, the people, will be more able to hold the government to account and in Lewes we must start by making sure that the new Tory MP works for us and not her bank rollers.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Lewes and Seahaven Labour Party