Government’s heartless programme on welfare payments

Welfare payments

Government’s heartless aims

From what I read a considerable number of people now support this government’s attack on welfare payments. Although quite what level of ministerial propaganda served to achieve this result is anyone’s guess.

What I am quite sure about is that many in this group do not understand the sheer heartlessness all too often employed in this policy. Take for example the case of the 49-year-old double heart and lung transplant patient who lay dying in a hospital bed at the same time as a letter arrived at her home from the Department of Work and Pensions. The letter informed her that further to a recent 20 minute interview with the department’s assessment unit, an interview described by her husband as totally humiliating, her £108.05 a week employment and support allowance was being stopped.

The justification for this action, the letter informed her, was that she had been deemed fit for work.

The woman concerned died just nine days following the arrival of the letter to her home.

The hospital gave the following as cause of death: I, a) Pulmonary Infarction; b) multiple pulmonary emboli; c) primary pulmonary hypertension. II: Chronic renal failure, systematic hypertension.

It remains a fact that tens of thousands of other claimants, some like the case cited above suffering terminal illnesses, endure the same heartless and disgraceful treatment.

The stress and the worry involved in getting assessment decisions reversed is not difficult to imagine.

Tony Aldridge