Grass verges are a disgrace

The grass verges in Seaford and probably other areas in East Sussex are a disgrace.

The grass verges in Seaford and probably other areas in East Sussex are a disgrace.

The grass is now so high that it obliterates road names and now even traffic signs.

Apart from that it is also a health hazard particularly at this time of year when grass pollen is already high. The additional grass pollen from these disgusting verges is giving added misery to those unfortunate enough to suffer from hay fever, or asthma.

Generally we have responsible dog owners in the area who I know to clear up after their dogs which is now impossible to do properly due to the length of the grass which causes unnecessary pungent smells, and presents a health hazard to any young children who happen to wander into the long grass.

The pathetic excuse offered by the council is that due to lack of funds they have had to cut back to two cuts a year.

What rubbish – any responsible council would look at ways of raising money.

This could be easily be achieved in Seaford, being probably one of the few seaside towns in East Sussex that does not charge for parking along the seafront.

Every fine weekend they pour in from far and wide knowing it will be a free day out bringing all their picnic stuff with them thus not benefiting the local economy, and often leaving a mountain of rubbish behind them including broken glass on the beaches, and old barbecues etc which the good old council tax payer has to pay to have cleaned up.

Charging for parking along the seafront could cover the cost of a few more cuts to make the area look presentable, and to the relief of hay fever and asthma sufferers.

Free parking permits could be issued with every council tax demand to residents with a limited number of extras to bed and breakfast and hotel premises thus enabling residents to enjoy the benefits of their town. But while this incompetent council continues to put the interests of others before it’s residents I suppose we will have to suffer and carry on paying, according to the Daily Telegraph, one of the highest council taxes in the country.

Richard Barcock

Chesterton Drive