Grateful to hospital staff

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I would like to thank staff of the hospitals that I have been admitted to during March this year, (allow me to explain.)

I had the misfortune to have to be admitted to Worthing Hospital A&E unit on March 3 last month with severe abdominal pains. I was duly treated and sent home with some written information and was informed that the information would be emailed to my GP.

The down side of this was that I was asked to vacate the A&E department at 2am Tuesday, March 4, still in my night attire, even after explaining that my wife would be asleep and I had no means of getting home as I had no money or house keys with me and could not gain access to my home.

I asked if I could stay in the waiting area until 6am and they could phone my wife who would be awake by then, but was told no I had to go home.

The duty doctor then phoned my wife to come and collect me asap, which she did.

By the time we arrived home it was about 4am, my wife then made us breakfast and we retired to bed.

But, unfortunately for me, after having some sleep, plus a small meal, I was admitted to The Princess Royal Hospital A&E unit in Hayward’s Heath because I had other problems as well as my earlier ones.

After being stabilised in the A&E unit I was transferred to the A&E unit at Sussex University Hospital in Brighton at about 2am Wednesday morning. After being seen by several doctors, I was admitted as an in-patient where I stayed until being discharged on Saturday, March 29.

I just have to say how hard working all of the staff in all three hospitals’ A&E units were. They never stopped from the time they came on duty until their shift ended normally 12 hours later.

I would also like to say a special thanks to all the staff in the Millennium unit ward 9A East of Brighton Hospital, whom took care of me during my very traumatic stay, as they all worked extremely hard on their long shifts, and are a credit to their profession.

Vic Razzell

West Grinstead