Green energy

Can UKIP please clarify their agenda?

Last week the Sussex Express published two letters from UKIP councillors on energy policy: one opposing wind power, and another complaining about “emotional climate claptrap” - which, after the last winter, is pretty astonishing.

Oddly, neither mentioned that UKIP is strongly in favour of fracking. Yet the party welcomed it at their last party conference, and only last month their MEPs voted against environmental impact assessments for fracking. Maybe they’re afraid it would be a vote loser?

There’s a lot of big money behind fracking, and its backers are bound to oppose wind power, which they see as a competitor. But vested interests apart, it’s really hard to see how anyone who can stomach the dirty, disruptive, short-lived gains to be got from shale gas would complain about wind turbines which can give us clean power for ever.

Will councillors Edmonds and Charlton please clarify their agenda on fracking?

Stephen Watson