Green energy - will MP now ‘come off the fence’?

In support of Mark Mansbridge’s comments (Sussex Express, August 2) I hope by now Norman Baker will have come off the fence and said unequivocally that he does not support fracking at Balcombe or anywhere else.

It is very difficult to discover and understand the thinking of the self-styled ‘greenest government ever’ when on so many crucial issues they either drag their feet or go in an anti-environmental direction.

Mark rightly points out the unnecessary risks to our precious water supplies and I would like to emphasise the bigger picture of increasing our reliance on fossil fuels at a time when we should be looking for more sustainable ways of getting and using energy supplies.

Unfortunately, the likes of Lord Lawson do their best to scupper any progress and instead we are witnessing all sorts of extreme energy extraction to satisfy the fossil fuel fundamentalists.

As Alicia Mitchell wrote in your letters page, we are not allowed to know which dangerous energy enterprises our banks and pension funds are investing in because Vince Cable has so far refused to use his powers to require them to tell us.

Meanwhile, the threat to communities and environment continues unabated from Balcombe to Bangladesh and from Alberta to Lancashire.

Democracy is threatened when on the one hand the government is forcing a risky industrial process onto a population who don’t want it and on the other hand it won’t let us know whose money is used for these ventures.

Ed Richardson