Green vote was true opposition in Lewes

The Lewes District Green Party would like to express its thanks and gratitude to all those who voted for the party in the Lewes Town and Lewes District Council elections on May 5th.

However, we would also like to take this opportunity to respond to comments made to the Sussex Express last week, by Lewes constituency MP Norman Baker. Mr Baker argued that ‘the consequence of voting ... Green in Lib Dem/Tory marginal wards is to result in Tory councils’. We would very much like to explain why Mr Baker’s actions insult the intelligence of Lewes, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford residents.

Aside from Mr Baker’s cynicism, it needs to be pointed out how simply undemocratic his comments are. MP Norman Baker is attempting to guilt trip and bully the electorate into thinking they cannot vote for the party that reflects their aspirations.

The Liberal Democrats showed the same respect to democracy in May 2010. The UK electorate voted in a minority Conservative government with a safety valve of opposition parties to mitigate Tory ideology. However, the Liberal Democrats took it upon themselves to arbitrarily create a majority Tory government.

Mr Baker has bought himself a role in government in exchange for British society. The result has been a Liberal Democrat facilitated assault: cuts to housing benefits; cuts to the police force; the elimination of EMA; the closure of ‘Sure Start’ centres; the tripling of university tuition fees; the resuscitation of an immoral financial sector and its banking bonuses; and the Tory threat to decimate what the rest of us call our National Health Service. Perhaps Mr Baker has forgotten quite what his party has done, when he summons the nerve to tell us that a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for an opposition to the Tories.

Unparalleled support for the Green Party was demonstrated right across East Sussex, revealing a desire for genuine and rational opposition to the Coalition Government.

For this reason, the same was true on May 5th 2011 as it will be at the next county election and general election: the consequence of not voting Green in the Lewes District constituency will be Tory representation. All Mr Baker will have you do, is decide whether the ties they wear to work are yellow or blue.

Alfie Stirling on behalf of Lewes District Green Party