Hailsham town centre needs public toilets

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While we fully support efforts that are being made to revitalise our town of Hailsham to enable it to become a “more attractive and vibrant destination” for a growing population and for visitors, we are also convinced that one of the essential elements of any successful town has to be the provision of public toilets.

Hailsham’s public toilets have been closed for around two years and, despite promises of refurbishment of these (which are right next door to the proposed street market) and undertakings given of new ones in the, now ASDA, car park. nothing has happened.

We, of course, understand that public service cuts have put public toilets under threat, but surely both visitors and locals alike are more likely to shop in the town if they know that public toilets are available. They will not have to telephone to discover the location of any toilets on commercial premises and visitors, who may be attracted to Hailsham by the street market, may not be aware of the ‘dial a toilet scheme’, which in our view is particularly not appropriate for young children and the elderly who may not have the time, or wherewithal, to discover they need to phone and then go searching, in their moment of need.

One of the marks of a civilised society must surely be the provision of decent public toilets so that all people can go about their business in some degree of comfort.

Ellen & Phil Carpenter