Harvey’s Depot Building - don’t ignore the traffic issues in building cinema

I strongly object to the conversion, adaption and extension of the former Harvey Depot Building.

I strongly object to the conversion, adaption and extension of the former Harvey Depot Building.

While the design is okay, I truly believe the developers are willfully avoiding the issue of traffic management.

When full, the three cinemas and restaurant will contain 375 people –no provision has been made for emergency vehicles. I think it is reckless supposition to believe that people will come by train and bus. Further thought must be given to this site.

R E Towner


Food banks

Increased need

is a disgrace

The Tressell Trust operates the largest number of food banks in the country.

It estimates that over 900,000 people used food banks in 2013/14. I wrote to Norman Baker about the rise in food banks and his response was that ‘under the last Labour government, the number of people using food banks increased tenfold due to the economic crisis that was underway’.

It is true that food bank use increased from 3,000 in 2005/06 to 40,000 by the end of 2009/10 an increase of 37,000. However, what Mr Baker failed to mention was that under his government, food bank use has exploded from 40,000 to 900,000 an increase of 860,000 or a twenty-fold increase.

In addition Mr Baker has also stated to me ‘... there have of course always been schemes to allow those in need to secure food in this way’.

The complacency of this statement and the paucity of vision it demonstrates is staggering and explains why, under this government, poverty and inequality have increased so significantly.

Sheffield University recently published a report saying the rise in demand for charity food is a clear signal ‘of the inadequacy of both social security provision and the processes by which it is delivered’.

Mr Baker should be ashamed of both this government and, as a government minister, his role in the policies it is implementing which have caused distress and hardship to so many people.

In one year’s time, the people of Lewes will have the chance to vote for an alternative to Mr Baker and this government. Having considered the platforms of the other parties only the Green Party has the policies to improve the lives of Lewes residents and reverse the effects of this disastrous government of the past four years.

Tony Rowell