Has UKIP lost the plot?

Having read with interest Cllr Charlton’s latest drivel in last week’s edition (13/2/15), I am left wondering exactly what IQ is required to become a member of his party.

He states that he has allegedly asked Veolia to reduce their costs in order to make it more attractive for businesses to utilise their facility, but our out-of-touch Ukipper fails to mention that the incinerator is restricted in the amount of business waste it can burn. It was designed to dispose of the household waste demand and is restricted on the amount of commercial waste it can handle.

The fire he allegedly took such an interest in at the Skip It Container site in North Quay, was stockpiling waste to send abroad, in order to make a profit. I do not think Veolia would consider paying suppliers for waste!

Cllr Charlton says he’d rather keep his head down and get on with helping people with their problems, but from the county council papers I’ve seen, I haven’t seen a single point raised by him or positive change made by him or his colleagues in the two years he has been a county councillor. Other than the political claptrap and bigotry that he and his party faithful spout, they have nothing constructive to say.

He and his beloved UKIP continue to argue that there is no such thing as climate change or global warming, despite the glaringly obvious extreme weather we are faced with around the world and even here in the glorious Isles of Britannia. How anyone can think that by burning all the earth’s available fossil fuels in such a short period is not having a disastrous effect on the planet’s atmosphere, is beyond me. It took around 60 million years to absorb all that carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in vast primordial forests hundreds of millions of years ago and we are setting about putting it all back in just a couple of hundred. At the same time, we are cutting down forests and polluting the seas that are the only chance of slowing that down. CO2 levels are now 30 percent higher than they have ever been in human history, at almost 400 PPM compared to 300 PPM in as recently as 1950. Sea temperatures continue to rise and have gone up by around 1 degree in the same period, with the polar ice caps reducing in size by 10 percent by volume per decade.

His final and more bizarre comment, relates to the Rampion Windfarm and appears to suggest that when there’s no wind, they will require diesel generators to turn them.

Turbines drastically reduce CO2 production. They will work with solar, hydroelectric and the existing gas, coal and nuclear power stations, to form a sustainable energy supply. As fossil fuels become more scarce and more expensive, renewable energy sources like windfarms and solar will become more important. But, why not go further and suggest turning Rampion turbines towards France and try to blow Europe even further away?

I hope to be there on April 9th at the Hillcrest Centre to see if, like Simon Barnes states in his letter, I can be persuaded to see sense in the UKIP vision. I doubt I’ll be allowed in, but we can but dream. If I am, I can only hope they can come up with some viable answers to my questions. It looks like being a long and frustrating night, as the purple party explain how a town that relies so much on its European neighbours for jobs and trade, can have anything to offer. If they have any scientific brains among their number, they may consider investing in research into harnessing the energy of all that hot air they produce whenever they are asked what they can do for this country.

Cllr Steve Saunders

Newhaven Town and District Councillor