Hastings Pier should get £2 million

Whether the Eastbourne Pier fire could have been averted by water sprinklers is surely unanswerable, but other questions remain.

The Prime Minister promptly promised Eastbourne £2 million of taxpayers’ money to help rebuild the pier and ‘regenerate tourism’. Before I hand over my share of this sum, may I ask if the pier buildings had fire insurance and if not, why not?

Also, when our pier was burnt down by arsonists, why didn’t Hastings receive Downing Street visitors and taxpayer funding?

The rebuilding of Hastings Pier now in progress is entirely due to local enthusiasts who obtained both the Lottery and match-funding and are still energetically fundraising.

If Mr Cameron is hoping to lure Eastbourne back into the Conservative fold from the Lib-Dems he also needs to remember that Hastings is a dangerously marginal Tory seat and may well vote in a Labour MP next May, to complement its Labour Council.

Therefore, if bribery is the order of the day, let it be fairly distributed! I suggest that Hastings also receives £2 million to help rebuild its almost totally destroyed pier to ‘regenerate tourism’.

That way peace can be restored between these two rival resorts and who knows, both towns may return Conservative MPs next year.

Erica Barrett

The Ridge