Heed warnings of other countries over fracking

The Government is looking increasingly desperate in their attempts to impose fracking on a population that’s saying no.

Less than a quarter of us now support fracking in Britain and even the chancellor himself admits it would have a minimal effect on energy bills.

Yet the Prime Minister is trying to bribe local councils to allow fracking, by offering financial incentives that could be worth millions.

This after he has hit councils with ongoing budget cuts.Already some councils have announced they won’t be bribed, including Surrey and Hampshire. I have written to the chief executives of both East and West Sussex councils asking them to do likewise.

Instead of pushing investment in ever more risky fossil fuel technologies on us, the Government needs to back genuinely low or zero carbon energy technologies. Investment in clean energy will mean new green jobs and industries, greater energy security, and reduced CO2 emissions.

The Greens are completely against any shale gas exploitation.

We need to heed the warnings and follow the examples of several other European countries, such as France, who have banned fracking completely.

Keith Taylor MEP

Green Party MEP for South East England