Helping those in fuel poverty

I AM writing to express my sincere thanks to the Sussex Express and its readers for their generous support of our Surviving Winter Campaign.

As you know we launched just over a week ago and local people have already donated £5,000 to help those in fuel poverty in Sussex.

Across the UK the appeal has raised more than £100,000.

We have had some great news coverage locally, especially through the Sussex Newspapers Group, so thank you so much for your support.

Thank you in particular for printing our Gift Aid Form in the Sussex Express – this has given us the best response of any paper.

It has been very moving to see a succession of local people coming in to our office to donate their winter fuel payment.

One lady said to me, “I was so pleased to hear about this appeal. I have been feeling guilty about this payment for years and now I know it can go to someone who really needs it.”

We will be working with the Citizens Advice Bureau and Age UK to reach people in Fuel Poverty, and if we raise enough money we will also give small grants to local charities which are helping people in fuel poverty.

Thank you again for all your help with the campaign, it is much appreciated.

Kevin Richmond,

Chief Executive,

Sussex Community