Hopes of a council tax freeze thwarted

It seems my letter to your newspaper last week regarding Newhaven Town Council’s precept turned out to be wildly optimistic!

As on the same day it was printed in your pages, I received my council tax ‘demand’ for 2013/2014 and, lo and behold, Newhaven Town Council have increased their charge (by 2.7%) on top of an increase of 9.4% for the year 2012/2013.

It seems at a time when their residents are struggling probably more than most, and who already pay more than their neighbours in Peacehaven and Seaford, Newhaven TC don’t seem to care and stand alone as being the only authority in the area to increase their take of council tax.

No doubt they will point out that it is only a ‘pennies per week’ increase, however what they fail to understand is that to many people living in Newhaven, every penny counts.

M C Young