Horse poo the least of worries

IN reply to C Thomas’s letter regarding horse manure on footpaths, I would just like to say for goodness sake, get a grip!

If you are so averse to manure, then you really shouldn’t be living in the countryside.

I am sick to death of reading whinging letters from people complaining about tractors, horse riders, farm smells or cockerels crowing. You would all obviously be much happier living in cities or towns.

You cannot ride a horse or walk a dog anywhere in the countryside now without being in constant fear for your life from speeding traffic or cyclists who no longer think it appropriate to warn you of their presence by ringing a bell.

So, as far as I am concerned, if horses wish to use the safety of paths, then let them. Step over the poo or pick it up, take it home and put it on your garden.

The world is falling apart around our ears and you are making an issue about horse manure. Shame on you. Oh and just for the record I do NOT ride a horse.

A Robinson, Heathfield