Hospital needs more parking

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CAN anything be done about planning some additional parking for Uckfield Hospital? It really is a nightmare and must cause some patients a lot of distress.

I take my sister twice a week for treatment on her leg. Every time I drop her off at the hospital entrance I wonder how long I will have to wait before a parking space becomes available. It can be as long as ten minutes before someone leaves and I can take their space.

Sometimes two or three people are waiting and we feel as if we are on the starting line of Brands Hatch as sometimes the latest person to arrive takes our space. Cars are parked in desperation on yellow lines, verges and even on the road to the ambulance station. People are worried that they will be too late for their appointments.

More and more people are coming into Uckfield to use the facilities of our wonderful local hospital from so many surrounding districts. The problem can only get worse unless something is done soon.

Barbara Cooper, Little Horsted