‘Hospital TV services are a rip-off’

Sadly I find myself back in the Conquest Hospital for another MOT after being taken ill at home.

I have so far been here for two weeks while they investigate, among other things, valves on my heart muscles. So far no hospital infections or anything bad to report, in fact I can praise the staff on the Wellington ward, from cleaners to ward staff and doctors and nurses.

However I must raise an issue here and that is the price of the bedside TV sets and their cost. The service on offer starts at £9 per day, working out a little cheaper the more days that you pay for. I for one won’t be subscribing to these services as I feel that they are a total rip off and an exploitation of the sick and needy. No doubt there are the running costs of this service price you could buy your own TV in a matter of weeks.

I would be curious to know what the running costs of these TVs are and if the hospital actually makes money from offering this service. I think even the healthiest of person could find their hair falling out at the cost of the service.

I’ll stick to watching TV on my iPhone and because one of the services I use, Giff Gaff, on one of them I get unlimited internet.

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards