House planning? what planning

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I refer to last week’s letter from Mr Beckett. I too wonder what is going on in the Lewes District Council Planning Department.

As he correctly asserts, the proposals state “land at the junction of Fairholme Rd/Hill Rd”. Hill Road does not currently exist.

We have a copy of a planning proposal dated 1920 for Mount Pleasant that clearly shows Hill Rd coming off the Crescent. The map shown by LDC indicates a paddock at the junction of Fairholme/Crest Rd, which is some way from Hill Rd.

So, the question arises, which is correct? As a longtime resident of Fairholme Rd this is a matter of some concern. The LDC proposal correctly implies that the road will have to be made up.

As I understand, when an unadopted road is made up, the costs have to be borne by those living with any boundary onto it (not necessarily a frontage).

Should this go ahead, I assume that it will also be necessary to make up The Crescent and Palmerston Rd.

I don’t know the current cost of road building but I imagine it would mean several thousand pounds per resident. Would someone from LDC planning please make a site visit to see for themselves,before this goes ahead?

Colin Fox