How algae can save the world

With algae you start making hydrogen for fuel by consuming CO2.

Now you can use it in many different products like medicines, health foods, cosmetics, bio fuels, fertilizer, animal foods, and even some building and insulation materials.

It is perhaps the most versatile product in the world provided free by nature. Correctly harvested algae is more precious than gold.

I understand that Japan, Canada and Ireland are trying to produce five billion litres of bio ethanol per year. Norway has a production facility at Porsanger that is secret. It is producing ethanol and they have converted a fish farm to do it!

Studies are on-going on producing biogas from seaweed, but this research is also top secret however it is going on in Japan.

Here in Sussex seaweed is seen as a pest and a foul smelly thing that fouls up our beaches when it could be the gas fuel that drives all our power stations.

We don’t need any more wars over oil, we can grow all the clean fuel we need.

Peter Baxter