How can they justify vote?

Why has our government and our local MP voted to restrict free school meals?

Given that the UK has one of the worst rates of child malnutrition and ‘food insecurity’ among rich nations - with one in five UK children suffering food insecurity, and given that in Lewes town alone there are three food banks operating to support families in need, then why on earth can our Sussex Conservative MPs, including Maria Caulfield, justify their voting this week in parliament to deprive hungry children of a free school meal - with any consequent impact on their health and their education?

The hypocrisy of the government was summed up by the deal they made with the 10 DUP MPs in order to ensure their support – by promising that children in Northern Ireland would maintain free school meals – whilst content to vote away this same provision for our children in England.


Sherry Russell

(retired headteacher)

Ferrers Road,