How can you deny climate change?

So not only do Cllr Charlton and UKIP believe our climate hasn’t changed, despite the evidence, but they want jobs magically to appear in alternative energy systems they’ve made no effort to support.

Let me remind him – hundreds of people including many from Newhaven, and Norman Baker MP and myself, have promoted turbines for ten years. Now Rampion wind farm will produce around 300 real jobs in Newhaven, no thanks to UKIP.

And no it’s not useless, it will produce low carbon electricity almost every hour of almost every day for almost 30 years, and like every other energy source, it will require backup. (Does Cllr Charlton think other energy sources don’t require backup?) That electricity will be secure whatever Mr Putin may do to gas supplies.

But Cllr Charlton says jobs in hydro-electricity should be here instead. I wish Cllr Charlton well on his equivalent 10-year journey to attract hydroelectric firms to Newhaven to replace the wind energy.

Will he write the business case for these firms to relocate from Scotland, the centre for UK hydro? It will be interesting to read.

Grasp what is on offer, Cllr Charlton, real Newhaven jobs for real Newhaven people. Don’t promote nonsensical UKIP alternatives for Newhaven.

And what an extraordinary conspiracy theory UKIP’s spokesman proposes.

Centuries of weather reports would have had to be ‘altered’ to produce the temperature trends from the year 1629 onwards. Was this the real conspiracy Guy Fawkes was plotting in 1605? Tell me more!

I have news for UKIP. 2014 was the warmest year on record since 1629 in Met Office UK figures, repeated in NASA figures worldwide. Global warming continues – unless, of course, literally thousands of otherwise respectable professional and amateur meteorologists across the world are all conspiring to alter data? But use your own senses, even in Sussex – Birling Gap eroded at seven times the average, Hastings railway closed for weeks, flooding in Ringmer and elsewhere this winter. Never mind months of floods in Dawlish and Somerset levels, and hurricanes, cyclones, Australian drought, increasingly heavy snow storms in US, etc etc.

Perhaps when the roof tiles are lifted from his own house Cllr Charlton will have more respect for the plight of others affected by climate change – including those flooded this year in Ringmer.

Peter Gardiner

Lewes District Councillor for Ouse Valley and Ringmer