How ‘caring’ are the Lib dems now?

Does Norman Baker live in a parallel universe to the rest of us? Yet again Mr Baker is repeating his misleading mantra that the Lib Dems have achieved something positive in government that benefits the less well off through increasing the personal tax allowance.

However, it has been pointed out to him on numerous occasions that the total package of cuts proposed by the coalition government will mean most people will be worse off and the poorest will be hit the hardest. The Children’s Society calculate that for jobless families with two children the changes would mean a loss of £430 a year by 2015. The Liberal Demorats can hardly call themselves the caring party any more. He mustn’t be allowed to get away with these distortions.

I notice also that Mr Baker ‘fears that East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is intent on creating a two tier health service’ (Express, November 23). It is tragic if Mr Baker is only now waking up to the consequences of the government’s dismantlement of the NHS despite the repeated warnings he was given over the past two years. Perhaps it is time he resigned from the government and spent more time challenging the disastrous policies of this Tory led coalition.

Tony Rowell