How is Lewes Town Council budget spent? It’s all there on their web site

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In my opinion Anthony Shuster shows a certain reluctance to face facts, when he states in your issue of January 11: How many of us know how (Lewes Town Council’s) budget is actually spent?

A look online at the town council’s web site will find it publishes a summary budget.

That for 2018/19 is there on the site, together with the statement: “The information presented is a summary of much more detailed underlying service budgets. We are very happy to assist and answer questions.

“Annual accounts are published, usually in June each year, together with reports from an independent auditor.”

The town council lets some 220 allotments, gives £50,000 in grants to local groups, subsidises local bus routes, runs the All Saints Centre, is preparing to carry out a major scheme at Malling Community Centre, owns The Pells site, Landport Bottom, provides bus shelters and litter bins, as examples.

Members of all political parties and independents sit on the town council’s working parties and committees.

There are at present six members for each ward and Mr Shuster’s own ward members could be the start of answering enquiries.

There are always those who will not let truth get in the way of what they think is a good story.

Stephen Catlin

Independent Member for Lewes Priory ward, Lewes Town Council and

Leader of the Independent Group at Lewes District Council