How local is local when it comes to pubs?

ANN HAYES claims (letters 24th August) that as a ‘newcomer’ I have my facts wrong in stating that the Meridian pub was built in 1989.

However, as I have lived next door to the pub since 1975, I suspect that I may know a little more of its history than Ms Hayes.

When we first moved to Lewes, the pub was indeed called the Pewter Pot and we enjoyed visiting the landlord, Norman, and his small band of regulars, from whom we learned much about the town and our immediate neighbourhood and that the pub was originally built as a canteen for the prison warders.

When the pub was taken over by a different brewery in the late eighties, it was completely rebuilt, with the exception of a small part of the front flint wall, and renamed as the Meridian. The flints from that original wall have now been incorporated in the garden walls of some of the new houses that replace the Meridian.

Margot Sims, Lewes

PS In my last letter, Ms Hayes, I stated that I was speaking for many Lewesians, not all, and I think Lewes is not so insular as to exclude me from the term ‘Lewesian’ after living here for 37 years.