How much longer will Splash Point remain closed?

Many local residents and visitors alike have been very disappointed with the prolonged closure of Splash Point and the apparent lack of any activity to repair and reopen this much valued local amenity spot.

Some weeks ago now, it was announced with a ‘fanfare’ that while not admitting any liability, Lewes DC and Seaford TC had pledged £10,000 each for repair work to splash point.

As I understand it, the ownership and responsibility for Splash Point is still the subject of some debate.

Apparently the Environment Agency is saying that it is not their responsibility as in their view Splash Point does not form part of the town’s flood defences.

However, it would appear that it was Lewes DC that closed Splash Point with these very permanent looking gates on supposed health and safety grounds.

Surely if Lewes DC can act in such a draconian manner and close this much valued local amenity spot then Lewes DC are acknowledging responsibility for Splash Point by default.

It is now almost the end of June. Splash Point has been closed now since the winter storms of February. If Splash Point is to ever reopen before the end of this summer, should this repair work not be under way by now.

There is a need to remain vigilant and not let this matter drift on if Splash Point is to ever reopen and become accessible once again.

Geoff King