How to save £300,000

Following recent letters I have been challenged to say how the Liberal Democrats would have found the remaining £300,000 savings in the Lewes District Council Budget, having produced £1.4m savings already.

Senior officers and the then LDC Leader Anne deVecchi have been in discussion with Eastbourne Borough Council, who have introduced a ‘hot desking’ arrangement for senior officers and staff whose work involve them being away from their desks for substantial parts of the day.

This was being worked up for Lewes. We have in the past already sold 3 Fisher Street, and this plan should allow LDC to reduce the number of buildings it occupies, thus producing much of the saving required. Taken together with recent energy saving investment, the LDC is in a good shape to face the future.

Readers may also like to know that the 24 ‘affordable’ homes on the Lewes House site have been formally opened. Almost all are already occupied by local people. As we promised to the town, they have been built to high standard. The openings in the twitten walls have been completed by ‘The Flint Man’ David Smith, and once the mortar has aged a little there will be an excellent match to the existing twitten wall.

Peter Gardiner

LDC Councillor for Ouse Valley and Ringmer