Huge thanks for fundraising help

A huge thank-you to Liane Carroll for providing such an enjoyable evening at The Roomz on August 10, and also for the excellent and amazing job you did in helping us to raise £270 for St Michael’s Hospice.

On the previous Saturday (August 3) Joe Lee (performing to help us to raise funds for H&R MS Society) helped us to raise £175.

We raised £50 by auctioning Phill Brown’s book, 10% of the bar raised £35, and the bucket collection was £90 (total £175).

Last night, with you performing to help us to raise funds for St Michael’s Hospice, we got £185 from the bucket collection, the Ron Geesin’s book and Pink Floyd CD auction raised £40 (a big thank you to Lucy Thomas for kindly providing these), and 10% of the bar takings came to £45, totalling £270.

We also met other musicians who expressed an interest in providing their assistance going forward in support of the three vital local charities we are working with.

So, all in all, a complete success and a hugely enjoyable evening for everyone who attended. Thanks again Liane, and to everyone involved in helping us to launch this initiative successfully.

Rob Hill

St Leonards on Sea