I hope they leave Tide Mills alone

The multi million pound investment for Newhaven (reported last week) is of course on the face of it very good news.

Included in this announcement is £10m for the much vaunted “Port Access Road”.

I was intrigued, and a little alarmed, when I read that this Port Access Road “could generate as many as 335 homes”.

I am presuming (and really hope) that these 335 homes are in fact the homes already earmarked for East Newhaven and not additional ones which could possibly be proposed for siting on Tide Mills.

As I believe many local people know and appreciate, Tide Mills is a very special and precious open space for all of us to enjoy, and, in fact the last open space to the sea west of Newhaven for many miles.

Any developement on this site, not very carefully planned and considered, would be something myself and, I know, many other people would resist – I believe also our local town council too would be minded to.

Jim Skinner