I say cull the sea gulls and feed pensioners

Having recently moved to Seaford from Devon, I am astounded that seagulls are permitted to attack people willy-nilly and appear to enjoy some kind of protection.

They are massive creatures here, whereas in Devon they are smaller and often end up in the pot.

In a country where most pensioners cannot afford to eat – or heat their homes – why not cull the noisy dangerous big birds and give one free oven ready gull to each pensioner.

My guess is it will be the only meat they have eaten in months.

In Devon gulls are considered no more than a nuisance, but a tasty nuisance.

Why should pensioners pay £4 for a paltry chicken in Morrisons when there is an abundance of winged vermin just ready for the taking?

There are way too many here – it is about time they were brought under control.

So “Cull the Gull” is my plea – and feed the pensioners for free!

Mrs Anne Russell