I would have attended D-Day commemoration service had I known

I am fully aware of Newhaven Town Council’s past and present in honouring the living and the fallen in the two world wars.

So for those who have never seen this word in these columns before, wait for it. I am Sorry, Sorry for not knowing that there was a commemoration service going on. Was it advertised? Why not? There are a lot of people including myself who would have attended. What Cllr Steve Saunders seems to forget, is that I am here to represent the people of my elected area. WHAT I WILL do and continue to do is listen to their concerns and to criticise Newhaven Town Council and other councils and politicians, when I think their concerns are warranted.

I have NOT, if you read, criticised any other organisation. I was in the Armed Forces myself during the Falklands War. I agree with those that spoke to me, that much, much more should have been done to commemorate the biggest day in our lives. The day that changed the world for ever.

Cllr Saunders has got his facts wrong again. The idea for a United States of Europe was first put forward after the First World War by an Englishman and a Frenchman. Santer and Monet. It was to stop any more wars. One Government. Abolish all national parliaments. Look it up. It does sound as if that is what Cllr Saunders agrees with, a United States of Europe. Well done for coming out Steve. More people like you please. To say that I live under a rock does not offend me, but it does offend the people who elected me to represent them. I do not need to insult anyone Cllr Saunders. I just represent the people, deal in facts and to be honest.

Cllr Charlton

UKIP Ouse Valley East