Incinerator - Newhaven’s not for dumping on

Re:S106 Money in ESCC’s bank account

Thank you R Beckett Newhaven, for your support (Express, March 21) with regards to my comments about £900k S106 money held by ESCC.

I guess ESCC have spent about £400k on tree planting and landscaping, but they have not been forthcoming about how much they have actually spent, nor how much interest has been made in the previous four years on the S106 monies held.

While I appreciate that some tree planting may help (a little) to obscure the enormity of the incinerator for people who are level with it, in South Heighton, Piddingoe and The Valley areas, trees won’t make a great difference. To those who are in an elevated position, Giant Redwood trees would need to be planted to hide it!

What I would like to know is, why have Peacehaven and Newhaven been treated so differently by the same county council?

Southern Water requested permission to build their water treatment facility in Peacehaven. The remit to them from ESCC was apparantly “we don’t want to see it, and we don’t want to smell it”.

Their architects and contractors achieved just that ... a wonderful facility, hidden from view with a gently domed roof covered in grass. When you pass it by road, you would not know it was there. Having visited the plant, you cannot smell any ‘nasty niffs’ either. A wonderful construction!

The S106 money from Southern Water – some £400+k is going to be used to build a sports facility for Peacehaven, and Veolia have contributed an additional £70k for a skate park!

Newhaven is not a pretty town – it is a working port, and very few ports in this world are pretty, (even Barbados port resembles Southampton).

But Newhaven’s people are not for dumping on, nor for being ignored!

So, I ask again ESCC – what are you giving Newhaven?

And why is Newhaven being treated entirely differently to neighbouring Peacehaven, by the same county council?

Diane Hall

Newhaven Town Councillor
Denton & Mount Pleasant