Industrial waste is littering the verges along A27/259 at Polegate

I drive along the A27/259 between Polegate and Bexhill regularly.

The state of the verges on both sides of the road is appalling.

They are strewn with rubbish; rubbish has blown onto nearby fields and is caught in trees.

This is not the type of debris that is thrown out of car windows. In the main it is industrial waste; plastic used to wrap supermarket deliveries; commercial packaging; scrolls of the paper towelling used in working kitchens; polystyrene boxes; huge swathes of pink and blue polythene; foodwrap etc.

I imagine some of it is blown from the uncovered and un-netted tops of HGV refuse vehicles en route to landfill or recycling sites.

This is the main route to the South Downs National Park, Eastbourne, Rye, Hastings and Brighton for visitors to Britain coming from mainland Europe via Dover and Newhaven. What a shameful example of how little our public authorities care about the appearance of the land and townscapes they are responsible for.

I would have thought it possible for town, District and County councils to join forces and set up workforces to clean up before the busy Easter and summer tourist seasons. I cannot believe that council officers do not drive this road en route to work each morning. Why have they not organised action groups, or better still, manned the gangs themselves?

If I – as a Wealden resident – dared to flytip a minute proportion of this rubbish into our country lanes I would, quite rightly, be rigorously prosecuted.

Mel Butcher