Instant memories of local shepherd

THE picture of the local shepherd (Sussex Express July 29) was instantly recognisable as my father’s shepherd Edwin? Pettit. He was a man of the Downs and spoke only when an affirmative yes or negative no was needed.

My father was Guy Janson and bought South Farm, Rodmell in 1927. He had a lot of sheep on the Downs of the 1,200 acres, and as a small girl I used to go out on the farm with him and remember visits to the lambing pen, and looking inside the shepherd’s hut with Mr Pettit. He was an impressive silent figure standing silhouetted against the valley, tall and flanked by two collies, one of which had a blue and a brown eye. The lambing pens were magnificent: golden straw, thatched roofs and divided by wattles. I remember a lot of contented looking sheep. Their shepherd seemed part of the landscape, and he is now one of my most deeply treasured memories of the Downs. He retired long before my father, who retired in the seventies.

Dawn Lambert, Seaford