Insurers are failing us

At a time when climate change is manifesting itself in unusually heavy deluges of rain across the country, the extra ordinary amounts of rain falling in a small period of time, results in almost any property at any location being a possible victim to flooding.

Consequently many people are going to be faced with hefty repair and reinstatement bills, and afterwards may well find that they are unable to afford suitable insurance for their property.

As the public vents anger on the banking community it should also look at the total lack of imagination displayed by the insurance industry.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has shown itself impervious to criticism and totally lacking in fully identifying the needs of its customers.

They are failing to answer questions that were posed 15 years ago. The car insurance sector has proved adept at changing and offers competitive alternatives but flood insurance is static and failing the public. We need our political masters to ensure that the public is protected.

Cllr Roger Thomas,

Member Hailsham & Herstmonceux, ESCC