Intimidation over parking

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Last week my wife pulled up for a matter of seconds outside the Laura Ashley shop next to Waitrose in Lewes.

I am a disabled driver and have a blue badge, which we were displaying. However, we were not actually parking, just pulling up to let my wife drop me off so that she could park elsewhere.

A company called One Parking Solution has video surveillance of this spot and claimed that I had contravened their private parking regulations. They issued me with a Parking Charge Notice for £100, which they said would be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. They also outlined an appeal process against the notice.

I followed the appeal process, but this was rejected and I was informed that there was another avenue of appeal (POPLA) which I could follow (and have), but the implication was clear – I was unlikely to succeed and if I did not, I would have to pay £100, not £60.

I imagine that most people cave in at this stage and pay up. However, I feel that I should not be subject to this sort of intimidation simply for pulling up and getting out of my car. Have others faced the same problem? If so, what happened?

Alan Evison

Cinder Hill, Chailey