Is any recycling taking place?

As usual I spent some time on Tuesday ensuring that my bottles were washed and in their separate glass recycling box, the used batteries had been placed in a separate carrier bag on top of the recycling bin, tins had been rinsed and all the other material such as cardboard etc had been placed as appropriate in the main recycling bin.

This was then placed outside my home.

I happened to be at home today when the Keir vehicle attended at 7.30 am. To my astonishment I saw that the operator simply tipped all the bottles into the main recycling bin, followed by the battery carrier bag and then proceeded to have the whole bin emptied into the vehicle before it drove away. So much for careful recycling.

Why should householders waste their unpaid time washing and sorting recyclable items only to find it all gets dumped into one vehicle, with no separation of glass at the very least.

Can some one at Keir explain how the leaflet called “Waste & Recycling collection calendar 2018” appears to be encouraging us all to separate material when they simply have no intention of keeping it separate? It begs the question is recycling of any of this material actually taking place at all ?

Nicholas H. Hamblin

Church Lane, Chalvington