Is Government making a U-turn on path along the coast?

I really enjoy being by the coast in Sussex, particularly the South Downs coast.

I really love it because of the fantastic views and beautiful areas and towns it takes you to. It should be accessible to encourage everyone who wishes to walk.

We were all promised a continuous path along England’s coast but now it looks like the Government might go back on its word. Along with the Ramblers, I am worried that plans for the England Coast Path could be axed as part of government budget cuts.

The project is vital for rejuvenating our coastal communities and encouraging people to live healthier lives.

The South West Coast Path already generates over £300 million a year for the local economy.

The recently-opened Wales Coast Path was walked by 2.8 million people last year, bringing in an additional £16 million to the Welsh economy.

The England Coast Path has the potential to bring similar benefits to our shores – boosting growth, creating jobs, and increasing tourism.

We need to call on the government to see this exciting project through and open up the coast for all.

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Mr Rita Butchers