Is Lewes a no-go area for car bound shoppers?

The parking in this lovely town has now become unwelcoming to the stage of restricting trade to the area of the large shops and missing those shops and restaurants scattered through the high street.

My last parking ticket was in the ESCC car park while attending a requested council meeting and where directed by a parking attendant.

I no longer attempt to park in George Street to attend my business interests. The new police station has taken over the majority of the car park and the enthusiasm of the traffic wardens negates any fruitful efforts to find elsewhere.

These new proposals for traffic calming are a new attack on the motorist and while a welcome safety policy the scattering of additional signs now needs an extra in the car to note the position of these new signs while the driver concentrates on avoiding accidents.

I do not support the use of vigilantes to monitor speeds, that may encourage malicious personal attacks and replace professional and experienced real police officers on the cheap. This could become a problem. My respect for the real police is perhaps old fashioned but is supported by knowledge of expected standards they employ. Let them do their job. The need for police will reduce as the scheme beds in.

Colour code the surface of the highway with adjacent obvious coloured signs, as back-up to cover the whole at the entrance to the town designated area leaving no doubt of the speed determination. Too many signs present a very certain danger.

RF Nice