Is this the end of the National Health Service?

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Is the National Health Service as we know it coming to an end? Since it was started in 1948, for the last 60 years it has worked well for us.

We have over the years appreciated the service. Since the Government placed it in the hands of the Trusts it has gone down hill fast.

Thirty hours some patients are waiting on trolleys. This is not acceptable for the care of human beings.

You would not treat an animal this way. The question is why are the patients not getting the treatment they deserve. The Trusts need to look at the situation which they have created, and investigate why A&E is in a crisis.

Some reasons are side-effects from prescribed medication by doctors where you are a guinea-pig for the pharmaceutical companies which make vast profits from these products. Our soaring immigration has put pressure on the Health Service.

We have to save our NHS. Why are we wasting tax-payers money on translators for immigrants when British citizens are suffering.

People are opting to leave the country for better conditions in Australia as the National Health Service continues to struggle.

Mrs D Myles

South Heighton