Is was not all bad Christmas news

Having spent an horrendous day at Gatwick on Christmas Eve (over 21 hours to be precise) with our flight cancelled, we started to wonder what was stuffed in the freezer for our Christmas dinner and somehow I didn’t fancy the two-year-old pizza. So from the baggage area in Gatwick at about 9pm we phoned our local Indian Restaurant, The Ganges, in Ringmer, on the busiest day in the year for them and ordered the works.

We told them we had no idea what time we would be home but they said that was no problem that they would leave our order on our doorstep and we could pay later. As the car headlights lit up the front door step at 2:30am on Christmas morning, there was our Christmas dinner in a box from the Indian restaurant with the best customer service in Sussex. I am aware that many people have had a rotten Christmas and actually our experience at Gatwick was nothing to what some people have had to endure but we are always so quick to complain about when things go wrong and bad service (take note Gatwick Airport and Easyjet).

I thought that I would share this story of fantastic customer service with you all.

Phillip Wells

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