Issue over St Anne’s site was misrepresented

In your article “Meeting On School Site Sale” (Express, September 5), we would like to point out an important factual inaccuracy.

The last paragraph of the article wrongly states “Does this meeting agree that the process for the sale of St Anne’s was conducted fairly”. In fact the issue voted on was ‘clarity and transparency’. To write that the bid was unfair would suggest that Subud had won the bid to buy the property with an unfair advantage.

This is simply not true and the suggestion might stir up strong feelings of resentment against our bid that might not otherwise exist.

It had been agreed in the meeting that all the bidders submit their bids in good faith. What was in question by those calling the meeting was the clarity and transparency of the bidding process. The question was not whether the sale should be to Subud or not.

I am sure that the Chair of the meeting, Martin Leeburn will corroborate this point.

Furthermore, we take issue with the bias presented in the article that says “Local people have reacted with dismay to ESCC’s decision to sell the property and the grounds of more than four acres to international spiritual group Subud”.

Either the article should be specific about who these local people are (eg Lib Dem Councillor St Pierre and some members of the losing bidders The Lewes Community Land Trust) or simply say “Some local people”.

What the article fails to mention is that the main issue concerning the meeting was the clarity of process in which ESCC conducts the sale, not whether the sale should be to Subud or not.

Annabella Ashby

Chair of Lewes Subud Group