It’s been 11 weeks now and still no waste bins collected

Uncollected bins
Uncollected bins

The continuing crisis of non collection of refuse is still ongoing for several Uckfield residents, including a couple who reside in the centre of town.

They report that their bins have not been emptied for more than 11 weeks, resulting in an ever growing pile of rubbish which they describe as “developing its own micro ecosystem with an exotic array of maggots, flies and bluebottles with unidentified fungi sprouting in every crevice.”

The bins which are in an alley close to shops create an unfavourable impression to shoppers not only due to the sprawling mess that is overflowing but also with the appalling smell, which percolates through to shops and adjoining residents. During the 11-week period, the couple have bombarded the council with letters, emails and phone calls in a desperate effort to resolve the situation.

Last Friday, after a lengthy conversation with a senior manager, a firm undertaking was given to clear the mess up with the highest priority attached to the matter.

The collection team arrived but to the couple’s dismay they discovered that their bins had not been emptied.

After sprinting down the High Street to flag the collection vehicle down and after asking why their bins had not been emptied was told “we are only collecting from commercial properties on this round”.

Despite pleading with the driver to employ a little flexibility and to empty the bins, he steadfastly refused to turn back.

Upon asking what they should do, the driver helpfully replied that they “should send some emails to the council”.

Alan Lloyd, Uckfield