It’s hard to please everyone over Lewes scool site decision

Lewes has always been irritatingly contrary – well, since the 1960s (in modern times: forget rude, selfish, self-centred non-Lewesian Thomas Paine and his idiot cohorts) when a slow country town was preferred by new university people looking for homes to vulgar Brighton.

Anyway, to get back to contrariness, last week’s lead story (Lewes edition) covered complaints from concerned townsfolk that the St Anne’s School site was not being used for ‘26 new homes’, but for community purposes.

Imagine! If 26 houses had been approved for the site, these same complainers would be carrying on about loss of community space. Marching, probably, with placards, maybe lying down in the street as was once the norm.

If Subud wants the property and can pay for it, what business is it of others?

If the town needs new spaces for new homes, demolish the loathsome County Hall, remove its denizens to somewhere mid-county and build three times that number of houses on the County Hall site.

Come up with an idea for Lewes and time-on-their-hands pseudos will rush to form a committee for or against, whatever they think ‘the people’, ie real, long-time Lewesians and Sussex people will support.

Judy Moore Lewes