It’s time for the Scots to run Scotland

Firstly let me say how thankful and respectful I am to those Old Town residents who want Scotland to stay in the union but let me also say that the issue of Scottish independence is much more than sentiment and good wishes.

The majority of Scottish people are fed up with Tory rule and its policies destroying our proud land.

For the first time we Scots have a chance, a real chance, to run our own affairs with the people that matter and that is the Scots free from the shackles of Westminster rule.

Yes, it will be tough and there will be rough waters ahead but we Scots have the steel and tenacity to make it work. There are many other countries across Europe who are doing very well under independence.

England will still do well under its own steam and losing Scotland will not be the be all and end all.

And let us not forget that Scotland is the 12th wealthiest country in the world, beating even Japan and what with the new major oil find off the Shetlands Scotland is in a great position to further our prosperity under an independent Scotland.

It’s time for change and a new dawn awaits a free and independent Scotland. I’m all for it.

Malcolm Robinson

Croft Road