It seems rail travel is now all about profit

One can but sympathise with the plight of Liz and John Aitken whose station shop in Lewes has served us well for many many years.

But what did we expect?

Southern Rail seems to be concerned solely with making a profit. When I worked on Lewes station many years ago, trains to London consisted of 12 carriages, plus a guard’s van.

Now they usually consist of only four carriages, which leads to overcrowding, and to the fact that many people have to stand for their journey.

Of course the most efficient and profitable way of transporting people is to treat them like cattle. Thus there are no toilets on many of Southern’s trains, much to the inconvenience of passengers, especially the elderly, young and infirm.

At Victoria Station, the use of a toilet, once a free public facility, is now 50p.

Brian Morris