Job loss figures in EU debate can’t be trusted

During the recent EU election campaign the Lib Dems and Norman Baker MP made numerous claims concerning the potential job losses in Britain and the South East of England if the UK left the EU.

A figure of 3,000,000 for the former and 28,120 for the latter were muted.

I wondered where these figures came from and so contacted the Lewes Lib Dem office. I was told the regional office had these figures. I contacted this office. They’d let me know, I was told.

Unfortunately, after a number of calls, it transpired the information couldn’t be definitively found anywhere.

I then had a conversation with a Lewes Lib Dem district councillor who told me the figures were all those jobs reliant on exports to the EU.

So clearly this is a ludicrous claim as not all exports would cease if we left the EU. It puts me in mind of the equally ludicrous claim by UKIP that 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians would move to the UK in 2014.

Such claims discredit politics and both parties should be ashamed of scaremongering in this way. Fortunately, I can trust the Green Party.

Tony Rowell,