Just part of the tradition

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I was interested in the letter from Mary Jackson last week re the local tourist office refusal to allow a “No Popery” image.

As a (lapsed) Catholic I have no problem with this image, nor, I suspect, do any practising RCs. I regard this as just part of the wonderful anarchic and non-PC bonfire tradition of Lewes, which I hope will long continue. Indeed, I would be surprised if there were not a number of RC members of the various bonfire societies, including Cliffe.

Ironically, the Cliffe Church was originally RC of course, and is dedicated to a RC martyr, Thomas Becket.

As a South St resident, may I also take this opportunity to congratulate the South Street Bonfire Society on a truly wonderful firework display. Despite approaching our seventies, my partner and I still love fireworks, and ooh and aah as if we were children.

Jerry Emery