Kart race accident - there are better ways to hold event

With reference to the kart race horror, firstly may I wish all those injured in the tragic accident a speedy recovery.

But I would hasten to say it does seem that health and safety have gone completely ‘conkers’. I wonder how this event manages to ‘duck under their radar’ as any ordinary man in the street would know that this was completely the wrong location to stage it.

I know the area well, having been born in the cottages you show in your paper and also having worked in the area for a number of years.

Many of your readers I’m sure will recognise the pub as the Warbleton.

Anyone putting on an event with the public involved will know of the normally strict rules and regulations and nowadays the astronomical charge for insurance, and when you read the small print it actually doesn’t cover much at all.

You mention it was a pedal car race. I though it was aimed at the younger generation and its aim was to enjoy overtaking each other and not for some adult to go speeding down a slope where the pedals would be irrelevant and dangerous. He would be better suited on a purpose-made track and most certainly off the road.

May I therefore suggest that the organisers speak to the friendly farmer who owns the large flat field just above where the event took place.

With a few straw bales put round it, it would be far more suitable. At this time of the year, the ground is quite firm. If not, it would be more exiting in the mud.

John Haffendon